Tracie Is A True Professional

  • I feel so blessed to have found Tracie...As a pediatrician, I was familiar with the Ferber and cry it out methods of sleep training but did not feel that these methods were appropriate for my very sensitive little one...

    I’m so glad that we found Tracie! She came up with an individualized plan that worked for our family and honored our desire to take a more gentle approach to sleep training... I am still in disbelief as to how fast and effective her gentle approach worked for us.

    Tracie is a true professional. She helped to set realistic expectations of what sleep coaching a more sensitive child would look like. She approached our case with respect and honesty. I never felt judged nor was I given false promises. I would recommend Tracie and Rest Well Baby to any of my patients!

    Goli M

The Difference Was Night And Day

  • After struggling with our son’s sleep for 2.5 years, including many failed sleep training attempts, we finally reached out to Tracie - and the difference was night and day. Within a few weeks his sleep had been transformed, using a gentle approach that we felt comfortable with. Having an expert to answer my questions and support us throughout gave me such peace of mind and the confidence to stick with it. When we had our second son, and sleep troubles arose again, I knew to reach out to Tracie right away and save us all the trouble and exhaustion! Tracie is so knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic, and all-around wonderful, and we owe all of our sleep to her! I highly recommend Rest Well Baby!

    Melinda E.

Our Lives Changed

  • My twins were 4.5 months old when my husband and I were at our breaking point. Our twins were up almost every 1 to 2 hours around the clock...My husband got online and found Tracie. Our lives changed!!! Tracie was patient, understanding, extremely supportive, and very encouraging. We started sleep coaching the twins with Tracie's guidance...we stuck to it and now our twins can self soothe and sleep through the night!! My twins, who had to be rocked to sleep for 5-45 minutes, can now put themselves to sleep!! They are not fussy anymore and are so much happier. I'm one well rested mamma thanks to Tracie."

    Update: "They are over 2.5 years old now and they are both still sleeping through the night thanks to you!!!

    Jamie H.

It's Not A One-Size-Fits-All

  • TRACIE IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Hands down. Stop your search - she is the expert you're looking for! My husband and I worked with Tracie for both our daughters...Tracie listened carefully to our situation, quickly identified the issues, and worked with us to devise a plan we could stick to. Everything she does is totally bespoke to you and your own family's needs. It's not a one-size-fits-all. And she does it with absolutely zero judgement...And while a good nights sleep is priceless, Tracie is very affordable, especially given the level of service she provides daily, even twice daily oftentimes. Thank you Tracie for everything you did to help our family!

    Stephanie V.S.

It's Been A Complete Transformation

  • Tracie came highly recommended by a handful moms on a Facebook mom's page I'm a part of. My husband and I were sold after the consultation call as she was so knowledgeable, she listened carefully and she was very warm... It's been a complete transformation and we are so grateful for the guidance Tracie provided us. We absolutely could not have done it without her! What I really appreciated about working with Tracie was/has been the individualized attention she provided to our family and specifically to our daughter's needs. I found her approach very sensible and knew that the plan would be something our daughter would respond well to...I'm confident in saying that if you are experiencing difficulties with your little one and their sleep, Tracie will be able to help...

    Kelly S.

The Anxiety Of Nighttime Sleep Is Gone

  • I can’t speak more highly of Tracie and her guidance, patience, communication, and support in sleep coaching our 8 month old son... Tracie listened and guided us through the coaching, and quickly our son was sleeping through the night. We are still in a bit of disbelief, because we were prepared for a long battle. Our son now consistently sleeps 11-12 hours every night and always puts himself back to sleep! Using Tracie’s expertise was one of our best decisions - our household is much happier and the anxiety of nighttime sleep is gone. I would recommend Tracie to anyone and everyone! She is also incredibly prompt and professional. Thank you so much, Tracie!

    Caitlin B.

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