Sweet Dreams Starter Call

Sweet Dreams Starter Call

Take Your First Step With Your Sweet Dreams Starter Call™

What’s standing in the way of your child - and you - getting the rest you both need? You’re invited to book your 30-minute Sweet Dreams Starter Call, where we’ll explore three key areas:

  • Sleep Stealers™: We’ll start uncovering what’s disrupting your child’s sleep.

  • Sleep Stress: What are Sleep Stealers™ actually costing you and your family? How is disrupted sleep affecting your relationships, your sanity, your overall well-being, and the rest of your household?

  • Sweet Dreams: If you could wave a magic wand and replace all of these stressors, what would you wish for? This is your Sweet Dream Wish List™.

What’s not included? Please note this session does not include sleep solutions or an overview of a sleep coaching method/plan.

If I believe we’re the right fit to work together, I’ll also walk you through the Rest Well Baby Model™. This is my proprietary process for helping sleep-starved families get truly restful sleep.

Your investment level for your Sweet Dreams Starter Call™ is $10. If we decide to work together, that investment can be applied toward any of my sleep services within 30 days.

Ready to begin? Sign up now for your Sweet Dreams Starter Call™.

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