Meet Tracie

Meet Tracie

Hi, I’m Tracie Kesatie,

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®, founder of Rest Well Baby, mother of four, and yes, sleepless-nights ‘survivor’…

Helping your child get the rest they need isn’t a nameless, faceless mission for me. My journey with gentle sleep coaching started with my first baby. He was fussy and inconsolable, “Are all babies like this?!”

I was the frazzled, bleary-eyed new mama reading every book I could find on sleep training. Expert after expert gave conflicting answers. Surely, there had to be a better way.

Now, close to twenty years later, I’m a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, and all four of my kids are well-rested and thriving!

I get to work with families from all walks of life. I get to co-create personalized, adaptive sleep plans that work for your family.

Most importantly, I get to see the look in parents’ and caregivers’ eyes when their child gets restful sleep. I’m the sleep coaching expert I wish I had when my children were younger.

Pediatric, Psychology, and Parenting Experts Trust Me

Since launching Rest Well Baby over 9 years ago, I’ve spoken to audiences of sleep-starved parents and caregivers on media outlets, podcasts, and publications, such as:

My Education and Certifications

  • Certified Gentle Sleep Coach® by The Gentle Sleep Coach Program. This is the most extensive professional sleep coach training and certification program available. The program scope involves case supervision, an exam, and over 90+ hours of training with a faculty panel that includes two medical doctors, a psychologist, an attorney, a lactation counselor, postpartum doulas, and a family therapist.

  • Graduate of Working with Children 6-10 years of age Masterclass

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boston University

  • Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from California State University

  • Graduate of The Infant Mental Health and Development Foundation Program from The Wonder Weeks Academy

  • Member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

  • Postpartum Depression training Dr. Shoshana Bennett, leading specialist on Postpartum Depression

  • Medical Conditions and Sleep Apnea in Children training led by Dr. Lewis Kass, Director of Children’s Sleep Center

  • GURD and Sleep training led by Dr. Anthony Loizides, pediatric gastroenterologist

  • Biology of Attachment Security training led by Lorie Walton, Certified Theraplay Practitioner

  • Breastfeeding and Sleep led by Professor Helen Ball

Imagine What a Good Night’s Rest Could Do for Your Child and Your Family…

You read this far for a reason. You want to know if I have what it takes to give you and your child the sleep tools you need to enjoy real rest. I’m glad you’re here.

By now, you’ve seen I have the education, expertise, and experience to make that possible. Take the first step by scheduling a Sweet Dreams Starter Call.

This a no-judgment, compassionate conversation where we will:

  • Start identifying the Sleep Stealers that are disrupting your child’s rest.

  • See where Sleep Stress is affecting your child and your family.

  • What truly restful sleep can mean for your child and your family. I call these your Sweet Dreams.

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