Go From Sleepless Nights to Sweet Dreams Without Guilt or Crying It Out

Get Compassionate, Responsive Gentle Sleep Coaching That Simply Works for You and Your Child With Rest Well Baby™

This Is Your Invitation to Rest…

You deserve the right resources, tools, and coaching with a plan that just works.

You deserve compassionate support to help you get through those 3 a.m. cryfests as tears blur your vision yet again.

You deserve the space to ask any question - without judgment - and feel empowered.

This is your invitation to invest in gentle sleep coaching:

  • Embrace a more loving, responsive way.

  • To protect your child’s long-term health.

  • To create a sleep plan that’s as unique as you.

  • To discover what your child needs to finally get some rest.

  • To confidently know your child will stay sleeping, so you can, too.

That’s what matters the most here at Rest Well Baby™: You and your child getting great rest.

Deep, refreshing sleep is possible when we work together. Are you ready?

Take the first step toward a truly restful future by signing up for your Sweet Dreams Starter Call™.

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Sleep Coaching Services

Newborn Sleep Support:

Is your newborn or infant struggling to sleep? The Rest Well Baby Newborn Sleep Support is a compassionate conversation about the biggest questions you may have about your baby’s sleep. This is perfect for parents of newborns and infants who want age-specific information, tips, and suggestions.

Essential Package - Gentle Sleep Coaching for Kids

Are you already familiar with the basics of sleep coaching? The Essential package is ideal for those who have successfully done sleep coaching in the past or for those who are not looking for in-depth, on-going support.

Premier Package - Gentle Sleep Coaching for Kids

If this is your first time sleep coaching or you want more support, the Premier Gentle Sleep Coaching package was made for you. Get in-depth, responsive sleep support with a personalized, adaptive sleep plan that fits your family’s needs.

What Families Are Saying

Tracie Is A True Professional

I feel so blessed to have found Tracie...As a pediatrician, I was familiar with the Ferber and cry it out methods of sleep training but did not feel that these methods were appropriate for my very sensitive little one...I’m so glad that we found Tracie! She came up with an individualized plan that worked for our family and honored our desire to take a more gentle approach to sleep training... I am still in disbelief as to how fast and effective her gentle approach worked for us.

Tracie is a true professional. She helped to set realistic expectations of what sleep coaching a more sensitive child would look like. She approached our case with respect and honesty. I never felt judged nor was I given false promises. I would recommend Tracie and Rest Well Baby to any of my patients!

Goli M.

The Difference Was Night And Day

After struggling with our son’s sleep for 2.5 years, including many failed sleep training attempts, we finally reached out to Tracie - and the difference was night and day. Within a few weeks his sleep had been transformed, using a gentle approach that we felt comfortable with. Having an expert to answer my questions and support us throughout gave me such peace of mind and the confidence to stick with it.

When we had our second son, and sleep troubles arose again, I knew to reach out to Tracie right away and save us all the trouble and exhaustion! Tracie is so knowledgeable, supportive, empathetic, and all-around wonderful, and we owe all of our sleep to her! I highly recommend Rest Well Baby!

Melinda E

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