Nikki S.

 "Tracie is a God-send! My husband and I were about to crack from sleep deprivation. Our 16 month old daughter had sleep issues since birth. We tried SO many things to get her to sleep more, and nothing worked. A friend of mine referred Tracie to me, and I couldn't be more thankful! She is the sweetest person and completely knowledgeable. She worked with us to set a tailored sleep coaching plan. I really liked the “gentle” approach and my daughter responded well to it. It’s A LOT more supportive than the cry-it-out method, while still giving her the tools to self-soothe. Before sleep coaching, my daughter needed to be rocked to sleep every night, split the night between crib and co-sleeping, and had several wakings - usually including a 2-4 hour block of awake time in the middle of the night. Now, she’s sleeping 11-12 hours a night, is 100% in her crib, and can soothe herself to sleep. I can’t say enough amazing things about Tracie and this sleep coaching approach!"  

Julie H.

"You may be afraid that sleep training won't work for your child.  I was nearly convinced it wouldn't work for my son, who, at 6 months, had never slept in his crib, was waking up frequently at night, and had an erratic nap schedule.  Did I mention that his "crying" is actually deafening screaming?  I'd read countless sleep articles, guides and books and had gotten plenty of advice from well-meaning family and friends, but we were still really struggling.  With Tracie's support, my son was sleeping through the night and napping on a predictable schedule in his crib independently within days.  By the end of our work together, we had a solid foundation in place for the sleep skills and habits that will serve our entire family moving forward.  Tracie was incredibly supportive, encouraging, and responsive.  She answered all of our questions throughout the process and offered tips and suggestions to make things better.  Whether you just want to get things off to a good start or you're trying to fix what seems like an intractable problem, I recommend Tracie with the utmost confidence." 

Jamie H.

"My twins were 4.5 months old when my husband and I were at our breaking point.  Our twins were up almost every 1 to 2 hours around the clock.  I was beyond exhausted and my husband called our pediatrician looking for help to get our twins to sleep.  They recommended books.  I barely had time to eat or shower and they expected me to read a book!!??  My husband got online and found Tracie.  Our lives changed!!!  Tracie was patient, understanding, extremely supportive, and very encouraging.  We started sleep coaching the twins with Tracie's guidance...we stuck to it and now our twins can self soothe and sleep through the night!!  My twins, who had to be rocked to sleep for 5-45 minutes, can now put themselves to sleep!!  They are not fussy anymore and are so much happier.  I'm one well rested mamma thanks to Tracie." 

Update: "They are over 2.5 years old now and they are both still sleeping through the night thanks to you!!!"

Kari A.

"I could have NEVER done sleep coaching without Tracie.  I am the last person in the world who ever thought she would do any type of sleep coaching.  I was one of the mothers who thought that it was unkind and unfair to the baby, and also thought my son would rebel and cry for up to 2 hours, if necessary.  Once I got to the point where my son was waking every hour and a half to two hours I found myself a depressed zombie, barely making it through my day and not enjoying motherhood, I knew I had to do something.  It was plain luck that brought me to Tracie and I am so grateful I found her.  She not only was compassionate and understanding of my fears, but she also really educated me on sleep patterns and behaviors, and helped me understand why this was a win for my son, just as much as it was for me.  I must have asked her 500 questions and she answered them all, always with patience and understanding, and with a lot of care for me and my baby.  My son now sleeps 11 hours straight!  I still find it completely surreal.  It has profoundly changed my life, my marriage, my relationship to my son, and he is also so much happier.  I can say with almost 100% assurance, you will not regret working with this amazing coach.  Tracie changed our lives." 

Catherine B.

"My daughter's pediatrician recommended we look up a sleep coach to help us and our daughter sleep at night.  We are so thankful we found Tracie!  After our daughter turned one we contacted Tracie and it changed our lives.  We were partially co-sleeping, rocking, holding, nursing... you name it we were doing it to fall asleep.  Tracie's method helped us all get on a proper sleep schedule without the worry, guilt, and shame other methods often evoke.  We have the confidence in ourselves to help our daughter when she needs it and she now also understands/knows the importance of sleep.  Life can be hard enough and growing up is not easy.  Sometimes a wrench is thrown in the mix, but we have the knowledge and tools since working with Tracie to get back on track.  Thank you, Tracie!"   

Alison L.

 "Tracie was an unbelievable help in getting our toddler past his two year old sleep regression.  We were having to lay in bed with him to get him to fall asleep and he was waking up multiple times throughout the night.  In just two weeks our son now puts himself to bed after story time and is consistently sleeping through the night.  Tracie's daily check-ins and support gave us the confidence that we could get past the horrible nights.  She really found a solution that worked with our family's needs and our son.  I am forever grateful to have my nights back and would recommend Tracie to anyone who is thinking about hiring a sleep consultant."