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Helping Your Little One Through Sleeptime Separation Anxiety

May 09, 20242 min read

Separation anxiety is a natural part of a baby & toddler's development, and it can peak around bedtime. This can be frustrating for parents who want their child to sleep peacefully through the night. Here are some tips to help your little one feel secure and drift off to sleep, even when you're not right beside them.

Practice Makes Perfect: Separation anxiety can be eased by incorporating short separations throughout the day. Games like peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek are fun ways to introduce the idea that you might disappear but will always come back.

Sleep Like a Champ: A predictable sleep schedule is key for babies and toddlers. Having a set bedtime and wake-up time helps regulate their internal clock and creates a sense of security.

Cozy Crib, Happy Babe: Make sure your child's sleep space is comfortable and familiar. Keep the temperature cool, use blackout curtains if needed, and ensure the mattress and bedding are appropriate for their age.

Routine is King: Implement a consistent bedtime routine that signals to your little one that it's time to wind down. This could include a warm bath, reading a story, singing lullabies, or gentle massage.

Sweet Dreams Ritual: Create a short and calming goodnight ritual that you perform each night before leaving the room. This could be a simple kiss on the forehead, a hug, or a special song.

Calm and Collected: It's natural to want to comfort your child when they're upset, but try to stay calm and confident. A soothing presence will reassure them that everything is okay.

Breaking Bad Habits: Be mindful of introducing new habits at bedtime that might become difficult to break later. This could include rocking them to sleep or co-sleeping.

Lovie Love: If your child is old enough, a small stuffed animal or lovie can provide comfort and act as a transitional object when you leave the room.

Remember, separation anxiety is a phase, and with patience and consistency, you can help your little one learn to sleep soundly, even when you're not there.

Yours in sleep,

Tracie / Rest Well Baby

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