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Sleep Regressions

January 03, 20241 min read

Let's talk sleep regressions:

Sleep regressions are periods when a baby or young child temporarily has difficulty sleeping or experiences disrupted sleep patterns. This can be caused by various factors such as growth spurts, developmental milestones, teething, or changes in routine.

Any interruption of your child's sleep is frustrating and then when everyone is talking about how THEY overcame sleep regressions it can become even more frustrating.

I love to educate my clients about not only WHY sleep regressions happen (which does help make them more bearable) but also help to help their babies or young children through them.

As your Sleep Consultant, I help parents understand and navigate these regressions by providing guidance on sleep shaping techniques, sleep schedules, and troubleshooting strategies.

Up a lot in the night lately? Let's chat! Email me at: [email protected] to schedule a 30 minute Sweet Dreams Starter Call.

Yours in sleep,
Tracie / Rest Well Baby

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