How To Help Your Little One Sleep Well On Vacation

How To Help Your Little One Sleep Well On Vacation

January 03, 20241 min read

​I like to call vacations with young children, relocation. Those who have traveled with little ones probably know what I mean :)

While even the best of sleepers can have a difficult time sleeping away from home here are a few things you can do to help sleep go more smoothly while on vacation...

*Try to follow your child's regular schedule (eating, naps & bedtime) as much as possible.

*When you arrive at your destination, spend time with your little one in the room where he/she will be sleeping to help him/her become more acclimated and comfortable.

*Bringing along familiar things from home can be comforting. Consider packing your own crib sheet, night light, your child's lovey, books that are a part of your child's bedtime routine, etc.

*If you are traveling across time zones it is best to switch your child to his/her usual wake/sleep times according to the new clock. Exposure to sunlight (particularly in the morning) can help the body adjust.

*Enjoy your vacation! If your child's sleep gets off course a little bit you can always work on readjusting when you're back home.

​Do you have a baby, toddler or young child that doesn't sleep well? If so, please email me directly at: [email protected] to learn how I can help your family get the gift of sleep.

Yours in sleep,
​Tracie / Rest Well Baby

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